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Winter Wonderland

It’s snowing! It’s snowing! This probably doesn’t sound like exciting news in the middle of December, but in Vancouver a white Christmas is never a guarantee, so I’m happy we got to trade our usual rain for a dusting of the white stuff at least once before the holidays. Of course I had to snap pictures:

Even the dogs were excited! It started snowing Saturday night and the two of them looked like complete nutjobs whipping around the street trying to chase the snow flakes. It was very sweet.

As you can see below, The White Dog does not enjoy cameras nor anything strapped to her body that attempts to keep her more fleshy, less fur-covered self warm. It does not appear to matter if that warmth-providing garment is stylish OR affordable ($2.50 at Target, thankyouverymuch). Good thing the pug is so easy to please.

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