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Decking the Halls

Since we’re going away for Christmas this year, I didn’t go all out with the decorations. Living in the kind of tiny dwellings that most Vancouverites occupy means we really don’t have the space to put up a big tree or to store piles of boxes filled with decorations that only get used 1 month of the year. Instead, I opted to dress up the every day corners of our house with simple things that make me smile: twinkling lights, a bit of snow and a dash of green.

Have I mentioned how much I love twinkle lights? Even watching the most blandest of television shows suddenly feels romantic when lit by the soft glow of xmas lights. Our window has the hanging stars, the mantle has twinkle lights that slowly blink in a long cascade (not the kind that threaten to give you a seizure) and there’s another string atop the piano. I’ll have to get rid of the fake snow come January, but I’m really leaning towards keeping up the lights. Am I too old to have my living room decked out with twinkle lights all year round? Is it too “college dorm room”?

This old typewriter sits on top of my piano (which, admittedly, gets nearly no play time). I love seeing our everyday things like this dressed up for the holidays. Another really simple trick that brightened up our open kitchen was tying a few bright red ribbons around the cupboard handles. Quick and easy, but it really stands out against the stark white cupboards. Plus it’s easy to take down!

What are your favorite holiday decorating tips?

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