I’m Kris G. Brownlee. When your initials are K.G.B., what else is there to do but paint a rather cute (& cagey) bee girl & turn her into your mascot?

Inspired by the vintage storybooks my mother read to me as a child, I love to bring characters to life on my canvas – wide-eyed girls, animals, robots & the odd boy too (as long as he promises not to pull my hair).

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I believe you can craft a lovely life. When we surround ourselves with beautiful things, carve out little spaces for ourselves where we can nurture our creative spirits, our true joy comes alive. This doesn’t mean we always get the laundry done or don’t have dust bunnies hopping around under the furniture. But if you make a space for yourself – no matter how small – I believe you are feeding your spirit.

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I believe in creating art that is accessible to everyone. Offering prints and pieces of wearable art, like my lockets, means any budget can afford to own something special, unique and handmade. Now this doesn’t mean that everyone will LIKE it. Oh, hell no. And that’s okay! When my customers adopt a painting or a print from my collection of characters, it’s because they felt that little flutter. You know the one – when you get that tiny rumble from somewhere inside?
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People always ask me where my characters come from, and to be honest, I’m not sure. It’s like my imaginary friends have sprung to life on my canvas. But why do certain characters come out at specific moments? That’s where I get a bit “woo woo” & like to imagine the universe is helping me bring to life the perfect image that is going to inspire you.

Make you smile.

Remind you of the dreams you had when you were a child.

Remind you to nurture those dreams in your own kids before the big bad world tries to snuff them out.

Of course, I may have just had too much coffee. 😉

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