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Ahhhhh! That’s me breathing a long sigh of relief now that last weekend’s markets are behind me. I had a fabulous time both at I Heart Crafts on Saturday & then Portobello West on Sunday, but that’s a lot of goody hauling back & forth in 2 days! My mister had to work, so I was left to my own puny devices to haul my wares & table displays in & out of the car, plus no one to bring me a mid-afternoon coffee. The horror!


Fortunately I was surrounded by some fabulous people all weekend who kept my spirits high. I feel so lucky to have such sweet customers. Everyone who stopped by my table had something nice to say & it reminded me again how incredibly lucky I am to get to make art for a living. Thank you!


The other vendors at the shows were fantastic too & it was very cool to see so many familiar faces. Now that I’ve got quite a few local shows under my belt, it’s neat to feel like I’m part of that crafty community now. There were plenty of new faces too with some incredible talent, but I don’t want this post to get insanely long &” shout out”-laden, so I’ll just stick with my immediate booth buddies: Amanda from ebbandflo, Katty from Lucky Troll, Christy from Bueno Style & a big thank you to Poppy a.k.a Groovy Glass Girl who sold me these fab earrings:

bike earrings

Why yes those are tiny bicycles on my earrings! Thank you for noticing!

Speaking of awesome earrings (& necklaces & bracelets…), my table was set up next to Jill from Crass & Sugar at Portobello West & I was quite happy to drool over her beautiful jewelry all afternoon. Such a talented lady & an absolutely sweetheart to boot. I really love these bamboo earrings:

crass and sugar
Felt Natural earrings from Crass and Sugar

Ye olde magnet & Scrabble tile pendant factory won’t be resting long because I do have another arket in October (the 25th to be precise – Portobello West again), but it’s a very nice thing to have nothing but painting & art touring planned for this weekend. More about that in a minute!

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