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The Family That Digs Together…

Me and my mom in Stanley Park

My mom flew out to BC a few days ago for a quick visit before heading down to see my sister. My sister is having surgery & with a retired nurse for a mom, who better to look after you! Her hubby is great & all, but with 2 little boys on summer holidays, I’m sure he’ll have his hands full.

Before we packed my mom off for bedside duty, the boy & I got to spend the afternoon with her wandering around Stanley Park. Walking along the sea wall is usually very beautiful & often crowded in the summer, but with the tide out & a rather grey looking day, it was just us & the hordes of tourists! hehe

I love that my mom is so easy to entertain. We literally spent 3 hours walking, exploring the rocks, hunting tiny crabs & then walking through the trees picking berries. It must be blackberry season because we picked (& ate) enough to make an entire pie. Yum!

pug on the rocks in stanley park

The pug was in heaven too. Rocks? That look like balls? IN THE WATER??? Digdigdigdigdigdig. I swear he could stay there all day just running around & digging at random rocks, trying to get them out of the water where surely they will magically transform themselves into balls.

On this particular day, the pug was right; he found a pool ball! A Kelly green number 6 billiard ball, right on the rocks, in the ocean. You find the strangest things when you’re beachcombing.

pug on the ocean

Hope you’re having a lovely summer too!

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