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Spring Has Been Flinged!

Etsy Spring Fling craft fair

The aptly titled Etsy Spring Fling went off without a hitch on Saturday & I had a great time putting a face to the name on some old (& new!) favorite Etsy sellers.

Creating for a living can be quite a solitary life & selling on the internet makes it even more so; opportunities like this one to get together with other crafty folk are a wonderful change of pace. Getting to meet your customers in person? Pure joy. I do a little happy dance every time a new order lands in my inbox & I see the money receipt email sent from Paypal, but it’s not quite the same as seeing someone look at my work in person, smile & then tell me they love it. Just like the grinch, my heart grew 3 sizes that day!

Etsy Spring Fling craft fair

We lucked out with beautiful weather, which always helps for walkable areas like Main St. in Vancouver. I should note that this shot is first thing in the morning while we were still setting up – not an action shot!

Etsy Spring Fling craft fair

The new Scrabble tile pendants I was working on last week (& complaining about on Twitter) were a big hit. I’ll be listing the few that didn’t sell on Etsy this week & getting out the resin again to make another batch. The critter ones sold out completely!


my  helper monkey Jen & the über talented Melissa of Poodlebreath

I was lucky to have some great helpers to carry boxes, bring me coffee & cupcakes, plus give me a chance to run to the restroom. Right on cue, I recovered from my cold just in time for allergy season to start up and stepping away from my table to snort Dristan seemed like a good idea. 🙂


me & my mister

I wish I’d snapped more pics as I was walking around to check out the other sellers’ wares, but fortunately Rita of Smeeta has got me covered. She’s got a great blog post up with tons of pics & links to the other Etsy sellers. Plus she posted it the SAME DAY OF THE SALE. She is officially my new hero. And? Her ninjas are really freakin’ cute!

Oh oh! Found another write up of the sale with more pics over at Akane Designs. I bow down at the blogging prowess of these two chicas.

3 thoughts on “Spring Has Been Flinged!”

  1. Uh, thanks for posting one of the worst pics of me ever! I don’t think this is the place for me to use the words I would like to, so you can expect a phone call, missy.

    Oh, and the Fling was lots of fun!

    1. I know you’re half blinking, but figured it also looked like you were giving the camera the “Heyyyyy, how you doin’?” stare. I shopped a new head on. Check it now! 🙂

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