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Oh So Quiet

I know, I know…I’ve been a very quiet blogger this week (thanks for the nudge Jen!). The mister & I had a lovely relaxing weekend of chatting & eating & watching movies with our dear friends in Washington, then came home well rested & ready to take on the massive challenge that is preparing for a live in-person craft fair tomorrow. And wouldn’t you know it? I got walloped with a nasty cold bug that has kept me feebly functioning all week. Things that should have been wrapped up by Wednesday are still lingering this afternoon, so blogging (& listing new items in the shop & posting new eBay auctions & doing the dishes) has been pushed to the backburner. Just getting to the post office to mail off new orders has felt like massive achievements this week, so uploading & editing photos? No chance.

I’m hoping for a miraculous recovery before tomorrow’s show or at the very least, I hope I’m not contagious by then. And next week? It’s back to painting. I’ve been so busy doing all the piddly little things that come with prepping for a show (stuffing postcards into plastic sleeves, making pendants) that I haven’t had the time to actually *create* anything new. My brushes are feeling neglected & my creative spirit feels the cobwebs creeping over it.  Maybe I should create sculptures with all the Kleenex that are piling up beside my bed!

Have a healthy weekend everybody!

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