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piggy girl by kgb

Sophie and her Pink Piggy
9 x12″, acrylic on canvas

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I painted Sophie and her sweet little piggy months ago but only just added the original painting to the shop today. Part of the tardiness is surely procrastinating; protecting my originals with the UV coating is a pain in the butt & it’s much easier to do a bunch of paintings at one time while I’ve got the stinky toxic stuff out anyway. But the larger part is it takes me a while to be ready to part with a painting. I really like Sophie’s storybook charm and big cartoony eyes. I love the striped background that feels like an old ramshackle farmhouse. And of course I love the pig. 🙂

I have such a strong attachment to my girls, I hate to part with them unless I know they’re going off to a good home where they’ll be hung with love. I like the idea of my paintings hung in a cozy little den or living room where their new family curls up to read a book. Or in a child’s room that’s filled with smiles & silliness. As I run out of wall space over here (& money to buy new paints & canvases too!), I know it’s time to send my little friends off on their own new adventures.

As an exercise in learning to let go, I’d love to do a series of tiny paintings & just leave them outside for people to find. Or get out the sidewalk chalk & play with creating something that will get washed away. But before I do that, I’d better get some other paintings up in the shop! Lena and her Little Lamb will be joining Sophie shortly & they make a very sweet pair.

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