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Lena and her Little Lamb


Lena and her Little Lamb
9 x12″, acrylic on canvas

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After adding Sophie to the shop yesterday, Lena had to come out to join her. I’d love to offer the two girls as a print set, maybe as smaller sized 5x7s. Looking around my walls I realize that as much as I love buying artwork, tiny paintings and prints are sometimes a better fit. There’s always a little nook that can handle a small frame or print hung by a clip, but 8x10s plus mat plus frame equals a lot of wall space.

I have a couple of other originals I’ll be adding to the shop soon, but I think I need to find the perfect frames for them first. One is on thick coldpress watercolor paper and the other is on thin canvas board, not the thick stretched canvas I usually use. They’re exactly the sort of thing I would buy & then let sit for months because I still haven’t found a frame for them. Whoops! I’m sure I’m not the only one who does that, so I’m thinking if I can find the perfect vintage frames, they’ll be much happier shipped ready to hang. Plus I love any excuse to hit the thrift shops. *grin*

I’m heading out the door with the puppies in a moment and then back in the studio all weekend. The boy comes back from his visit with the grandparents on Sunday so we’re planning a family outing to the Richmond Summer Night Market, a massive outdoor market with rows upon rows of crazy Asian food, bubble tea, interesting import goods and cheap knock-offs. I love the assortment of cute Japanese notebooks and pens with bad Engrish. My current favorite pencil case sports what appears to be a cream puff guy saying:

I sear by the moon and the

start in the sky and i side i

see the questions in your


Oh & above his head it says “Meat filling”. Love!

Happy weekend!

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