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Ahhhh Summer

I hate reading blog posts where the blogger apologizes for not posting much lately & don’t want to start this one off by doing just that because, well…yawn. Snooze fest. Nobody wants to read about how busy you are unless you’re actually posting interesting links and photos about what’s been keeping you so busy. And that’s TOTALLY what I should be doing right now except that I just don’t want to. ๐Ÿ˜›

The boy is off for summer holidays & is having a blasty blast out at the lake with his grandparents. The mister started a new job a few weeks ago. And I’m loving the quiet ’round these parts. One would think that an empty quiet house would have me painting up a storm, but it’s actually been the opposite – I’ve become domesticated!


There’s been some major spring cleaning & still needs to be more Craigslist-ing & trips to Goodwill to purge our happy home of clutter. The mister’s new job is only a few blocks away so he can come home for lunch every day. It’s a really lovely break in the middle of the day where we get to see each other, but don’t fall into the rabbit hole of hanging out & not getting anything else done since he’s only got 1 hour. And since I’m cooking for the two of us, I’m far more likely to actually cook something instead of scarfing cereal all day like I usually do when left to my own devices (fortunately the mister is a very good cook & will often bring me food when I’m in the middle of a 7 hour painting session & have forgotten to eat).

Of course, it’s also been so beautiful outside I find myself far more interested in sitting at the park with the puppies and my sketchbook than sitting inside at my computer screen. We hung out with a nanny from Ireland yesterday & the sweetest little girl who was rather confused by a dog named Piggy that’s also a pug. No wonder!


photo credit: Groovnick‘s adorable Sophia

I borrowed some of her sidewalk chalk & set out to doodle the differences between dogs & pigs, & then started drawing bees & the other silly things I like to usually doodle in my sketchbook. Taking it to the street? So. Much. Fun. And she had bubbles! BUBBLES!!! How did I forget the simple pleasure of bubbles?


photo credit: Real Simple

For the rest of the summer, I’m skipping the bottle of wine for my hosts when (if?) I get invited to any backyard BBQs & going straight for a goodie basket of sidewalk chalk & bubbles. ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s your favorite simple summer pleasure?

2 thoughts on “Ahhhh Summer”

  1. i totally feel the same way regarding the first paragraph!
    and i love the idea of bring sidewalk chalk and bubbles! brilliant!

  2. Super !!! I love taking the chalks with us and let my daughters draw on the sidewalk (hard to make them stop when they start).
    How was your painting class ? What class was it ?

    Enjoy the summer (even if it’s grey these days).

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