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Goodness! While I’ve been busy painting up a storm over here, Vickie & the lovely folks of the Etsy Twitter Team have named Cagey Bee the Shop of the Week! You can check out my interview here >

Meanwhile in Cagey Bee land, I’m packaging up orders, trying to finishing paintings for my show (which need to be hung in 4 days!) & otherwise running around like a chicken with her head cut off. 🙂 My reward for such a crazy couple of weeks is coming though. I snagged an extra ticket to the Neko Case show on Craigslist & am meeting the girl tonight to pick it up. It’s just a single ticket & I’m kind of excited to be going with someone other than the mister (who doesn’t love Neko like I do. He likes her music, but I kind of want someone who knows all the words to go with. hehe).

I’ve had a few people comment lately that they don’t find Vancouver a friendly city & that it’s tough to meet people. I don’t see it that way because I’m usually out & about with the pug who is an instant conversation starter. To me, it feels like the entire city is full of smiles & cuddles! But those brief chats on the sidewalk never translate into coffee or a movie or things that friends do. That part is tougher, especially when you’re a work-at-home type. So who knows? Maybe my new concert pal will become an actual pal! 🙂

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