Changing Horses

Part of my self-induced stress as of late is that I decided to change horses in the middle of the stream. I’m hanging work for my first Vancouver gallery show on May 31st & last week I decided to totally switch directions & scrap the paintings I’d been working on. Well, not scrap completely. I’ll still put them up in my shop & will definitely be doing prints, but I decided to go with a different concept for my group show.


Since the theme is “concepts of home”, I originally jumped straight to the literal and decided to paint some fun ocean themes with our Vancouver sea life. I started a killer whale, an octopus and have a pile of sketches with ideas for playful scenes with sea otters, starfish and maybe a monster or two. And then? The more work I did, the more ideas flowed & I came up with new sketches that I thought would look perfect on these gorgeous beechwood blocks I picked up last week. And so, many hours of painting later, I’m…way way behind! lol

But here’s a sneak preview of my home in the forest series:


Two more small ones (6″x6″) to go and then the big one (16″x20″). Let’s pray to the painting gods that all goes smoothly & I somehow manage to finish all 4 pieces!

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