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Saying Goodbye to Summer

Hello, summer! I’m finally on holiday & am ready to embrace your sunshine & relaxation! OK, technically it’s September, but when you (insanely) booked an art market or outdoor street festival for every single weekend all summer long & this is the first weekend you have off? You’ve got to make the most of it. And I sure have been!

Lots of walks to Trout Lake to watch the dogs run around:

And sometimes we skate there instead of walking:

Sunset at the beach is so beautiful. It always reminds me that I really need to make more time for moments like these:

My belly, however, never seems to skip a beat! A trip out to Richmond Night Market to sample tasty eats was well rewarded:

Also high on my list of favorite summer things to do – a day at the PNE (Vancouver’s version of a county fair) where these guys are sure inspiration for my next animal portrait:

How was your summer? Are you excited for fall & ready for “back to school” days? Personally, I’m still planning to jam as much summer fun as I can into the upcoming weeks, as long as the weather will allow. I hope to get out on the water & do some kayaking next week. Once October hits I’ll be ready to settle into my cozy indoor routine of hot coffee & late nights of painting. šŸ™‚


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