Harmony Arts Festival

If you haven’t “liked” my Facebook page or aren’t following me on Twitter, you might not be sick of my updates about Harmony Arts Festival yet! Teehee! Last weekend was fantastic & I thought some of the photos I snapped were being added to this blog, but alas, they seem to have disappeared. Fortunately, it’s not too late! There are still two more days left of the art market, plus plenty of great live music acts to see and a few seminars and artist talks. Check out the Harmony Arts website for more details:

Saturday & Sunday, August 11 & 12th

West Vancouver, BC

art market runs between 14th & 16th Streets along Argyle Avenue (facing the water beside Ambleside Park)

You can find A Cagey Bee at booth #8!

OK…one more! Here’s a shot of one of the new paintings I’ve worked so hard on this summer:

Nesting with the Great Horned Owl

acrylic on beechwood, 9×12


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