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Big Lebowski Art Show

Fk It Dude Poster

Opening Night Party ~ Friday September 21, 2012 from 7-10pm
Show runs until September 30

Hot Art Wet City Pop-Up Gallery
752 E Broadway @ Fraser

There’s a new gallery space in town and I’m thrilled to be part of the group art show that’s kicking things off – Fk It Dude – art inspired by the film the Big Lebowski. The gallery space is run by the super rad Chris Bentzen, also responsible for CARDED!, Hot One Inch Action (the button show) and a fantastic series of interviews with local artists and creative people here in Vancouver. (You can watch my interview here. But I sound really dorky. So.)

I love the Big Lebowski. I love fan art in general. And I would love to add to my very small collection of paintings of men – Richie Tenenbaum and Bill Murray as Steve Zissou – but sadly I ran out of time to do a full portraits of The Dude or Walter. Instead, I stuck to my furry roots and decided the wrongly classified marmot* deserved a portrait of his very own. Here’s a peek as I finished up the last touches:

I’ll try to snap some photos at the show tonight so you can see how purdy he looks all framed nicely. Prints will be added to the shop soon!


*Yes, I realize the animal depicted in the movie and in my painting is not a marmot. It is a ferret. Ferrets are mammals and eat meat. Marmots are rodents, closer to the groundhog or woodchuck. No need to email me with the correction. 😉



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