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I took advantage of the cold, but sunny days we’ve been having lately to snap some photos of my art pendants in action. When you shop online, I think it helps if you can see the jewelery on another person so you get a clearer picture of the scale and how it sits. A 16″ necklace? I have no clue what that means. Pictures tell a 1000 words!

Of course the downside of shooting photos of a model wearing my pendants is that I have to be the model. And the photographer. And try not to look like a dork.

resin pendant art necklace by kgb

Resin Pendants ~ now only $16 in the shop

Trust me when I tell you that I am not a photogenic type of gal. This is not modesty or low self-esteem talking here – I’m quite happy with the way I look on a day to day basis. I don’t often wear make-up or feel the need to spend an hour in front of the mirror before I leave the house. And this is precisely why it comes as such a surprise (& blow to the ego) to look back at photos and see a crazy person grinning maniacly at the camera like she’s about to hop on her broomstick and fly away. I swear I’m quite lovely in person!

The mister and I are hopping the ferry and heading to Washington to visit some friends this weekend, but once I get back I’ll sit down and allow the Tyra gospel to pour over me as I watch America’s Next Top Model reruns and learn how to smile “with my eyes”. *grin*

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  1. A whole week with no words of wisdom from kgb…?! It’s the first day of Spring – you should be shut up inside writing on your blog!!

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