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Last Chance


between the waves & the trees I found home
16″ x 20″ (1.5″ thick), acrylic on beechwood

My group show at Raw Canvas gallery is wrapping up at the end of the month, so if you’re a Vancouver local, head down for a coffee or a glass of wine and take a peek. We don’t take the work down until July 2nd, so if you need to take a break from the beaches on Canada Day, definitely pop in. Oh, and buy some art! 🙂

It was such a great experience & also a massive learning experience in so many ways. I sold the same painting twice, for example. Not good! I got interviewed for TV & am now keenly aware that I need to practice my public speaking skills. And when it comes to promoting an event, you really need to start early. Much earlier than I thought. Posters & postcards need to be up & given out weeks before the event starts to build up hype & then continue on throughout the show. Press releases need to be short, concise & have some kind of a catch. It also helps if you can develop a contact list of media people.

The next time I do a show I think I’ll also hit the bricks & introduce myself to all of the neighboring businesses & invite the staff to our opening. The opening night was great & got really packed later in the evening, but when we first started, there were tons of people walking past that I’m sure would’ve popped in for a gander & some free snacks. I think there’s still a lot of mystery around galleries & the average person doesn’t know that you don’t need an invite or tickets to these events. From the outside, I’m sure our show looked like some kind of private event. And being Canadians, there’s no way anyone would pop their head in & ask if it was OK to come in. We’d just say, “Sorry!” & keep walking. heh

kris brownlee at raw canvas

opening night

I’m not quite happy with the prints I’m getting from the big painting, so I think I’ll take it in to be scanned on a BIG scanner. I really love that piece so I want the reproductions to be the best quality possible. I should have them up in the shop next week!

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