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kgb Takes Manhattan

12X 12, acrylic on canvas

prints for sale in my Etsy shop

Meet Deedee – the final girl to join the party before being shipped off for my upcoming group show. I was so happy to finish painting this series and get it mailed out that I had to do a little happy dance at the post office as I said goodbye to my babies. I have 5 paintings in the “World of Imagination: Volume 2” show at the APW Gallery in New York.  See #248 on the list? Yeah, that’s me. w00t!

artist kgb

They’ve got a few other interesting shows that I’d like to enter too, like the sketch show or the custom vinyl toy one.  Maybe all of my paintings will sell and I’ll be able to fly out for the next show! I haven’t been to NYC for 10 years and would soooo love to go back. Think happy thoughts for me!

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