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Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentines day

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! I’m so happy to see people using the Valentine print-out I made up. Yay!

The boys surprised me with cards, a box of chocolates and some yummy smelling candles this afternoon. Such a sweet surprise! I’ve been so very spoiled this year. Last night we had the fabulous Jen & Joel over for dinner & I was plenty happy to call that our Valentine celebration. John cooked an amazing dinner, J&J brought wine & we stayed up late playing a silly trivia game, Buzz. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer time.

Tonight I’m planning to spend in the studio with my other love. I can really feel the tension & stress build up in my body when I’m not getting enough painting hours in & I’m really looking forward to spending the night just playing. I’ve been spending so much time on homework pieces and recreating a previously sold work that needs to be replaced (remind me to blog about that story!), that I’ve had no real creative time. And isn’t that just what weekends are for?


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