And So It Begins…Holiday Markets, That Is!

It’s the day after Halloween & somehow the storefronts have already managed to switch over to their Christmas displays. How do they do that so quickly? Can’t we have a couple more days to kick around the red & yellow leaves before the Christmas carols begin?


Apparently not, because my first holiday market of the season is this Sunday! Whoa, right? I’m with you. Fortunately it’s a quickie. Compared to my 9am to 7pm days at the Granville Island market, a craft show that runs 10am to 4pm will feel like a breeze!


St. Thomas Aquinas Christmas Craft Fair
North Vancouver, BC
Sunday, November 3rd, 2013
10am – 4pm

On Monday the real panic sets in. That’s my last day to prepare for my biggest market of the season – Circle Craft. I start setting up on Tuesday & then I’ll get to see if all my little notes & diagrams on graph paper are actually going to work in real life. Yikes!




The countdown is officially on!

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