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Greetings From California!

california mountains

Greetings from California! I drove from Vancouver, BC all the way to Los Angeles a few days ago & have to say, I should have packed warmer clothes! L.A. itself is lovely, but I saw quite a bit of snow on the drive through northern California, much to the confusion of several Americans I’ve spoken to on my travels.

“You’re from Canada? Oh wow. It’s really cold up there.” Um…actually where I live is a really warm part of Canada with weather much like Seattle. We don’t really get snow & if it does snow, it usually melts the next day. When it starts raining. Large portions of the US (including northern California – where YOU live) have colder winters. “Huh.”

I don’t expect Americans to know much about Canada. I just get a little tired of the assumption that I live in an igloo and ride a polar bear to work. 😉

On the road to LA

Unfortunately I won’t be soaking up the sunshine much longer as I’m set to fly home tomorrow. The trip was a bit spontaneous; my girlfriend goes to school at USC so after visiting home for the holidays (Vancouver), she was happy to have some company on the drive back to L.A.

A few days of shopping & art gallery hopping later, I’m heading back to the Great White North – where I’ll be sure to update with more photos!


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