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Busy Bee

I feel like I’ve been such a busy bee this week, but I haven’t really accomplished anything. Running around to the post office, researching cheaper alternatives for shipping boxes ($4/box from the post office is teh suck, especially when compared to USPS which has cheaper rates, faster service & FREE boxes!), my first meeting with a local artist group, going to the boy’s basketball & hockey games…gah! It’s Thursday already and I’ve had hardly any time to paint!

That will have to be rectified today since I have class tonight and 3 homework assignments due. I have to a paint the same subject (an apple) in 3 completely different styles: using only a palette knife, thick sculptural brushstrokes and a blendy one. I feel like doing the blendy one first since that’s my obvious comfort zone, but I know how long I can spend adding more layers, adding more glaze…might be better off getting the tough ones out of the way.

Off to paint! Have a lovely day. =)

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