Life etc.

*yawn* It’s only 9:30pm, but I’m feeling ready to curl up in bed with my favorite podcast. I finished the last painting in my creepy series and then varnished the lot of them so they’ll be ready to ship to NY for a show next month. I had a parent/teacher conference at the boy’s school in the afternoon, followed by much discussion. Trying to motivate a 12 year old boy (who has just discovered girls) to put more effort into his schoolwork is not an easy task!

After dinner & dishes, it was back to the glamorous job of being a working artist: I had to go through alllll of the listings in my Etsy store to add a new tag. I joined a team of Etsy sellers who also use Twitter, so we have to tag all the items in our shops appropriately in order for the other team members to find us when looking for items to feature. It’s a big group & the plan is to help promote each other’s items & shops via our own Twitter feeds, our blogs & so on. Anything I can do to promote my shop & connect with other DIY business owners is a good thing, but man oh man was that tedious! It’s 5 pages of slow loading clicks to change that one thing on each item. This is where a helper monkey would come in handy.

Off to take the puppies for their last walk of the day & then bed for me before my TO DO list gets any longer. G’night!

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