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Birthday Blue Jays


Now that the birthday girl has already received it, I can share the little package I put together for my grandma’s big day on Monday. Her favorite baseball team (& bird) are the Blue Jays, so I doodled an illustration for her and then added a splash of color with very watered down acrylic paints. I searched everywhere for a pack of baseball cards to tuck into the envelope before I mailed it off, but came up with nothing. Well, the 7-11 had Yugioh cards, but I opted for a bingo scratch ticket instead (we lost). In the back are a few photos of one of my recent craft fairs & other Vancouver goodness. I keep trying to convince her to come out to visit me, so photographic evidence of how beautiful the west coast is has to be included in every letter. 🙂

In other domestic non-art sharing, I did a massive house tidy today & discovered enough breadcrumbs under our toaster to outfit an entire family size Filet O’ Fish. Ah, the joys of living with boys! Once the kitchen was scoured, I proceeded to dirty her up again & made fresh guacamole & a big batch of creamy potato salad. Perfect summer food!

Though I feel almost guilty for not dining outside picnic-style with our perfect summer snacks, the mister & I are taking a break. It’s been what? 6 weeks without rain? Aside from the fact that the farmers need it & the grass is getting scorched, us Wet Coasters need that rainy break so we can retreat inside to watch TV guilt free! We got hooked on True Blood a few weeks ago & have burned through all but the last two episodes (of season 1). I’m thinking chips & salsa & my fresh guac will go very nicely with some vampire action tonight.

Sorry sunshine! It’s not you, it’s me. Really.

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  1. I love your grandmother’s card – lovely illustration! And True Bloood, yes indeed I love that too. When I first saw the previews I wasn’t into it but then I saw one episode and have been hooked ever since!

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