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Waiting For the Postman

Waiting for the Postman
8 X 10, acrylic on canvas
original for sale in my Etsy shop

Whoops! How did I let this one slip past the blog? I listed this new quasi-Valentine’s Day painting in my Etsy shop a week ago & could’ve sworn I’d also posted it here, but I guess the dementia is truly starting to kick in. Seriously, I don’t think I’d remember to put on pants in the morning if I didn’t have it on a list somewhere!

Part of my spring cleaning plan is to get my studio space organized. My desk also functions as my painting space, so having it littered with TO DO lists, sketches, scraps of paper with ideas scrawled down…not exactly conducive to a productive, organized work day. Plus everything is covered in paint. Sorry monitor!

I did start up a couple of new systems for keeping track of my work in a spreadsheet, but I tend to prefer taking pen to paper. It feels…better? more focused? I don’t know how to explain it. All I can say it that there’s a marked difference between writing out a list by hand versus typing it into a spreadsheet. Of course, getting to put a big checkmark through things as you cross them off your list is hugely satisfying too. Now that I’ve built quite a collection of work for sale, the paper list just isn’t working so well. I need to keep track of originals and prints, which site I’ve listed what on, if it sold etc. I think I’ll stick to paper for my daily lists, but refer to the spreadsheet to keep the whole kit & kaboodle organized.

Unless, of course, my helper monkey has a different system. He should be arriving any day now, along with my cheque from the ex-communicated Nigerian prince. Woohoo!

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