Suzi Blu Workshop

Working on my Sketches

KGB sketching

That’s me, KGB! Working on my homework for Suzi Blu’s awesome workshop. It’s only the first week, but we’ve already had a couple of videos and PDF files, plus a bunch of homework. All of the course content has been really well done; Suzi did a fantastic job! If you want to learn how to draw pretty girls, this is the class for you.

I love that we’re getting right down to it, practicing faces and eyes and poses rather than going through all of the rules of drawing, perspective and so on. Instead of learning tons of theory and then trying to figure out how to apply that knowledge to the subject matter you want to draw or paint, we’re starting right from drawing what WE want to draw – pretty girls. hehe

The first girls

I uploaded some of my homework sketches to my Flickr, as well as the Flickr group for the class. Feel free to add me as a contact and as your Ning friend too!

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