Vancouver Gloating

I had one of those, “I’m so happy to live here!” days today. I walked the puppies to the post office (to mail off a package to a new customer. yay!) & it was so warm out that I just wore a sweater. Flowers are blooming! I’m not so good with the acutal identifying of flowers, but I can tell you there were some purple ones, some yellow ones & some purple AND yellow ones. I shall bring my camera next time.

I’m sure I’ll jinx the lovely Vancouver weather just by posting this & I’ll be resigned to wear my rubber boots the rest of the week, but I couldn’t resist. I talked to my grandma Sunday afternoon & since she reads my blog (hi grandma!), I’m now using the internet as another tool to prod her into flying out for a visit. I saw Blue Jays today, grandma! And we could watch the curling on my big screen TV!!! hehe

edited to add: After some Googling, the birds I saw were actually Steller’s Jays, not Blue Jays. They made bizarre noises and looked exactly like this:


Photo credit: Derrick Ditchburn –

edited (again) to add: The photographer of the Jay photo was sweet enough to comment on my blog! Check out Derrick’s website Deriela Nature Inn for more amazing photos.

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