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The Belated Mother’s Day Post from a Very Bad Daughter

mothers day

Mother’s Day officially ended oh…17 odd hours ago, but since I’m a (step)mom myself, I’m going to cut myself some slack with this late posting. Slack which, for the record, could be cut with the pancakes the mister decided to make from scratch for me yesterday morning. Very sweet sentiment, but I think I’ll steer him back over to the BBQ where he belongs.

Anyway, my mom is awesome. She’s always been the type of mom that I could talk to about anything, even the stuff that I knew she wouldn’t approve of. She has that way of being open and always supportive without being a pushover, without compromising her own values or biting her tongue when she doesn’t agree with my choices. No matter what, I’ve always felt loved and I *love* that we have the type of relationship where a healthy debate doesn’t dissolve into tears.

My mom has been my constant cheerleader and when I decided I really wanted to make a go of being a full time artist, she was quick to become my first customer, my first patron really. I couldn’t ask for a better mom and am so grateful that she’s moving out west this year so we can spend more time together.

Love you mom!

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