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Sunshine and Studio Days

Granville Island painter

Vancouver has been extra beautiful this spring while I’ve mostly been tucked away inside, either at my desk buried under piles of receipts trying to work my way through tax season, selling my art at markets like Granville Island (back May 13 to 18th) or holed up at the studio working on new paintings.


This time of year always feels hectic because of how much work goes into applying for shows & planning out my year. I’m happy to report I was accepted to both the Circle Craft summer market (July 23 – 26) & Harmony Arts Festival (July 31 to August 9) this year.

Which means I really need to buckle down & finish some new paintings! My creativity has been bubbling, so my sketchbook is full of doodles I want to see come to life & my studio has 4 different half-finished paintings just waiting for the finishing touches. Did I mention I’m ADD? Yeah. Why finish ONE thing when you can have TEN that are half done? 😉

Painter Kris Brownlee

This little guy is a sketch for a sea otter painting I want to do. But haven’t started yet. How have I gone this long without painting an otter? Crazy pants!

I’m thinking this new series will be feature Canadian animals that are awesome. I was thinking about hand-lettering their official Latin names underneath, but that seems so opposite of my usual dorky style. Maybe name them all after great Canadians? Wayne the Canada Goose, for example. (After Wayne Gretzky, of course.) Squirrel versions of Bob & Doug?

Of course there’s a good chance this is amusing only to me. This is where a “real” company would do some kind of market testing ahead of time. Fortunately I can make stuff I like & then gift them to family members if they don’t sell. 😉

Sorry mom!





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