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Summer Loving

This summer is just zooming by! We’ve had such a beautiful August & I’ve been making an effort to take advantage of every last bit of it. Between setting up to sell my work at the outdoor markets every weekend (& doing prep work all week to make sure I have plenty of things to sell!), it’s been a busy, but happy month. There’s really nothing better than getting to sit outside all afternoon & meet people who have never seen my work before. Vancouver gets plenty of tourists, so it’s even more exciting to know that people are bringing back my prints & necklaces as souvenirs! So much fun. 🙂

So while I haven’t been too keen on sitting inside on my computer & updating my…ahem…blog, I have been doing lots of this:

And plenty of hanging on my new balcony with the puppies:

And though my studio is feeling pretty toasty these days, possibly better suited for working at night, I’ve been doing a bit of painting too:

These guys are being a bit tight-lipped, so I’m not sure what their names are yet. As soon as I figure that out, I’ll add them to my shop. 🙂

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