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It’s taking me much longer to get unpacked & settled into my new pad than I anticipated, partly because I’ve got piles of work to catch up on & partly because I really need to buy new furniture before the office/studio sorting can finish up. I’ve got more space now, but I’m lacking the handy dandy storage cupboard that I Tetris-ed my way into stuffing chock full of more art & office supplies than one person should rightly own. So. Unpacking is at a standstill as I now have a large space that holds my desk & a whole whack of boxes with nowhere to go.

What to do? Go back to Craigslist, of course! If you have access to a vehicle & Craigslist, there’s really no need to ever pay full price for anything Ikea has ever sold. Vancouver seems to be a particularly transient city with people constantly moving away or downsizing to smaller digs, so new furniture posts number in the hundreds each day. Crazy!

Why do you have to be all the way in Port Moody?

Ideally I’d like to find a beautiful antique cabinet to house my printer & different types of paper & all my mailing supplies. These are a little tougher to come by, however & will definitely not fit into my car, so I have to be *really really* sure it’s the piece I want before I commit to hiring a mover as well. Which leads me to be still sitting here, surrounded by boxes!

Fortunately the sun is out, the Canucks are winning & I have 4 full days before my next market!

Blim Monthly Community Market

Sunday May 22 | 12 – 5 PM | By donation
@ Heritage Hall (Main St. and 15th Ave.)

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