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Settling In

Princess Sparkle supervises the unpacking process.

Please excuse the mess! Princess Sparkle is doing a fabulous job of supervising the unpacking process, though unfortunately could not rescue us from the hell that was moving on the weekend.

Moving is an exercise in exhaustion at the best of times, but we managed to fall into that special ring of hell in the form of wicked colds that had me & my mister both coughing so much that we couldn’t sleep, movers who showed up 3.5 hours late & then only moved about half of our stuff because we felt guilty making them work so late (& they kept grumbling about missing the hockey game). To top it all off? Once the movers arrived at our new building, the elevator was broken! Argh!!!

To save time (& money…those hourly moving rates are not cheap!), the mister & I both hauled as much stuff as we could up to the new place. Which, of course, meant that I was not spending that time cleaning out the old place as I had planned. We + the movers finally finished up at 11:30pm. Too exhausted to do anything but sleep, we dozed for a few hours & then hurried back over to the old place in the morning to start one of many, many car loads to move the rest of our stuff. Then do the big clean. Then the big garbage haul away. Oh, did I mention we were already supposed to have been out the day before? Whoops!

Fortunately there were just workers doing some repairs scheduled, so we didn’t interrupt anyone’s plans (though my ex-landlord didn’t hesitate to phone every few hours to bitch at me). The cherry to set atop the Move From Hell is the sprained ankle I am now nursing, which kind of puts a damper on rearranging furniture as I unpack. Blerg.

The good news is – it’s over! We’re moved. Huzzah! And as much as I would love to share photos of my artfully decorated home, it really doesn’t matter if it takes me a few weeks to get there, so I’ll unpack at my own pace. Right now my focus needs to be solely reserved for whipping up a few more trinkets to display at Got Craft this coming Sunday:

Sunday, May 8th

Got Craft? Spring Edition

Royal Canadian Legion

2205 Commercial Drive ~ map

I can’t believe it snuck up so quickly! Got Craft is one of my favorite shows of the year & the vendors this year are even more AWESOME than last year! If you’re in the Vancouver area, why not grab your mom & make a crafty shopping date for Mother’s Day? It’s right on Commercial Drive too, so lots of yummy brunch places to fuel up.

See you soon!

3 thoughts on “Settling In”

  1. It was great to meet you at GotCraft! I meant to come over & see your stuff but the day got away on me- I hope you did well for sales & had a fun day!

  2. Thanks Cynthia! Hope your day was good too!

    I was happy to get out & do a bit of shopping, but didn’t want to abandon my mister for too long. 😉

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