Suzi Blu Workshop


I’ve been adding blog posts over at Ning instead of posting here, but since the majority of what I’m working on right now has to do with the Suzi Blu workshop, I better start posting or it’ll be a good long while before we get a proper Cagey Bee update!

Petite Dolls

My girl sketches have grown leaps & bounds since we started adding shading. I love how Suzi shows us exactly what she does to give her girls depth. It’s not a lot, just a little around the eyes and along the jawline into the cheek, but wow! They don’t look like flat, lifeless little girls anymore! Yay!!!

Petite Dolls

As I keep practicing different faces, hairstyles and gestures, I find myself running out of ideas, drawing a complete blank. I flipped through a bunch of fashion magazines the other day and cut out models with cool hair or interesting dresses that would work for my sketches. Maybe I’ll glue them right in my sketchbook so I can always flip back quickly when I run out of ideas.

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