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Not Dead!

Almost dead, but not quite! I’ve been so sick over the last few days that I not only missed my gallery opening at Jem Cordova, but I also missed out on the Dunbar Craft Fair – the one I juried for back in June! Argh!

Getting sick is so frustrating when you’re self-employed. Not only do we not get “sick days”, but I lost my chance to earn income that day (of which there aren’t very many days left in the xmas shopping season) plus I lost my table fee. That was one very expensive day of laying in bed and coughing my brains out. Lame!

Today I’m off to Simon Fraser University to set up a table in the Students Union. I’m packing lots of tea & lozenges & a warm woolly sweater. Wish me luck!

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  1. I noticed your sickly tweet and then missed you at the next table at Dunbar. Sorry you got sick. Pls do get in touch and explain to the Dunbar organisers as they have an invite back for next year for juried sellers.

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