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Look Out Pug!

Meeka Pika

The cutest puppy evah is on his way! My sister is coming up to Vancouver for a couple of days to celebrate my nephew’s birthday. I’m thrilled because we haven’t been able to see them much lately & after our car window got smashed this week, our plans were foiled again. But they are on their way, cute puppy in tow! And once they arrive, most of their time will look like this:

The baby in this shot is actually...
My sister’s tiny pup, Meeka Pika, runs the pug ragged nipping at him. The pug doesn’t seem to have any clue how BIG he is & so just runs away, jumps on mom’s lap, tries to escape. It’s quite funny at first and then after a few hours I become flabbergasted & try to explain to the pug that he’s so money & he doesn’t even know it. You’ve got these claws, pug! You’ve got these claws & fangs & you don’t know what to do with them!

Off to squeeze in a few hours of painting before the whole gang arrives.

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