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Life in Progress

What a crazy few days! Between getting ready for my group show next month, promoting the Etsy Twitter Team Sidewalk Sale and somehow ending up trying to organize a Canadian Etsy seller giveaway I’ve pretty much given up on sleeping. I worked for 20 hours straight yesterday, only breaking to dash out to see a movie after my mister won us tickets for a pre-screening of the new Terminator movie. Though I had way too much on my plate to fully relax & enjoy it (I was madly scribbling notes in my day planner during the previews…yeah…I’m one of those), it was a much needed break. And? A really good movie! I won’t post any spoilers, but let’s just say that I was immediately sucked in & forgot about all the stuff that was waiting for me once I got home & back to work. The machines in this one are so clunky & metallic – the sounds are amazing. Much creepier than the slick silver CGI versions of T3 (though that was impressive at the time).


On our way back to the car, happily chattering about the movie & super happy that we got free tickets AND I got points for making time to actually, you know, interact with my sweet pea, we discovered that our car window had been smashed. As much as I love this city, it can be so frustrating to deal with the constant crime. They basically just went through everything, dumping receipts & maps & whatnot all over the place. They didn’t steal stuff like sunglasses or our Sirius radio thingie or FOOD (my emergency granola bar). It seems like they were just looking for loose change. Same thing happened to another car a few stalls down. *sigh*

We’re trying to get it in to get fixed tomorrow, plus fix the other window molding from the last time someone tried to break into it a few months back which has been duct-taped ever since. It’s unfortunately just really bad timing as this means there’s no way we’ll be able to go down to Seattle this weekend for my nephew’s birthday. I doubt we’ll have the car back in time & I don’t foresee any way we’ll be able to afford it. 🙁


Anyway, back to work for me! I wanted to share a progress shot of the new painting I had planned to use for the group show, but I’ve actually changed my mind & am going in a completely new direction. After some constructive criticism from my mister (I believe his exact words were, “It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that compared to Murray I want to throw this new painting into a fire.” Okey dokey!)

The show theme is “concepts of home” and since I painted the octopus, my mind (& sketchbook!) has been filled with new ideas. Hopefully I can get several pieces completed over the next 9 days and decide after seeing the finished work. Maybe I should let you guys vote! 🙂


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  1. sorry to hear about the crackhead smash. i could see you printing some clear vinyl windshield stickers that say “I’M AN ARTIST: NO MONEY IN CAR.” 🙂

    always good to see the progress you’re making with your subjects. and kudos for a 20-hour day.

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