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Last Market of 2013!


The end is near, my lovelies! After what felt like a whirlwind of shows, making stock & shipping Etsy orders, my holiday season is winding down with my last market of 2013 this weekend at Got Craft. Yay!

Got Craft
Dec 14th (10-8pm) & Dec 15th (10-5pm)
Maritime Labour Centre
1880 Triumph St (@ Victoria)



I feel so blessed with the most amazing customers. So many of you have come out to support my work, share pictures of your pugs, tell me about your own love of robots – kindred spirits!

And that’s the thing with Got Craft; the show doesn’t have to be HUGE to be great, it just has to have *my* people there.

There have been a few moments this season when I caught myself saying, “Who are these people? Where are MY people??” My paintings aren’t for everyone, of course. I totally get that. But I’ve been pretty spoiled over the last few years with fabulous fans & customers, so it can be a little hard on your heart as an artist to share yourself so openly & have people who just don’t get it. Who don’t get you. Who aren’t excited about your work.

Speaking of work, I couldn’t be more excited to get back into the studio & get back to painting. Sunday is my very last market day & then it will be cozy days at the studio. Well, after a good clean. And doing a pile of laundry. Oh & catching up on a ton of paperwork.

Where are those little elves when you need them? 😉

Happy holidays!

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