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I heart Buttons

have 2 shows coming up this weekend & they both happen to fall on the same night.  I may have to swap the cocktails for energy drinks, but it should be a blast. First up – the button show:


Saturday February 6, 2010
doors @ 8pm
W2 Culture + Media House – 112 W Hastings
Vancouver, BC

My button design was selected as one of the medalists in this new round of Hot 1 Inch Action. There will be 50 different artists represented & for $5, you get a bag with 5 random buttons. I love this idea! You can buy specific buttons, so if you really have your heart set on a certain one, you have to get social & start swapping. Fun!


Next up, my girl MJ is hosting another fab art show/party with a romantic theme – The Heart On. The last show (The Wee Show) was packed & I was delighted by the quality of the art & the all-around awesomeness of the people I met. Normally I don’t do so well at hot, loud, crowded events, but the artists & attendees were such a friendly bunch that I could’ve partied all night. Which reminds me…wear comfortable shoes!

Saturday February 6, 2010
Doors 9pm
Box Studios (1622 Franklin Street)
$8 | at the door

I still have to find frames for the 2 new paintings I have in this show, so I’d better hop to it!

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  1. I love the button idea! So you CAN or CAN’T buy them individually? Either way, sounds fun. I love having some kind of framework for talking to strangers. Wish we could go.

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