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Gettin’ My Cuddle On

The White Dog Sleeping

This is Kiero, otherwise known as The White Dog (Who Is Afraid of Cameras).

We were snuggling this morning & I was doing my gazing lovingly at her/creepy stalker stare & somehow managed to slide out of bed, grab my camera & snap a pic before she woke up & hid under the covers. Score!

Oh & yes, I’m aware she needs a bath.

Another sign it’s going to be a good weekend? I stayed up until 3:30 a.m. painting last night & when I finally emerged from my little studio, I discovered the mister baking peanut butter cookies. Yum! Nothing like fresh baked cookies when you’ve been hyper-focused on painting & haven’t eaten anything in hours.


Lest you think this is common practice in our house & start giving your own mister the hairy eyeball, I should probably mention that this is not the norm. Proof? The recipe called for baking the cookies on parchment paper (which we don’t have) so he substituted with WAX paper. In the oven. The wafting yummy baking smells were slightly marred by the clouds of wafting smoke coming from the oven. But he still gets an A for effort! 🙂

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