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I took the ferry over to Vancouver Island to visit my folks a few days ago & since I still had a pile of prep work to do to get ready for my market on Sunday, I brought it all with me. It’s so beautiful out there. If you have to do really repetitive work, (like, say organizing postcards into sets of 10 and then counting out 10 matching envelopes!), I can’t think of a nicer place to do it. My mom is an excellent helper too, so that made it go all the better!

Here’s a peek at the new postcard designs:

I have to get a bunch more ready for the Got Craft market this Sunday and then I’ll be adding them to the shop, along with my new magnet sets. Yay!

One of the side benefits of doing local markets is the way it forces me to adhere to deadlines. I know if I were left to my own devices, I would dream up cute new products, but they would linger in my sketchbook for ages while I spent my time painting instead of making *stuff*. I seem to work better under pressure, so knowing that I have a show coming up is a perfect motivator. Ideally I’d like to always have something new at my table, so people always have a reason to stop by. And because it’s fun, of course!

OK…back to work. So many things I want to make before Sunday! eep!

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  1. It’s back . . . the Bowen Summer Market.
    Please find attached a flyer to remind you of the times, location and fees.
    The application forms are just being redone and will go out tomorrow.
    Let me know if you are interested.
    Basia Lieske
    p.s. sorry – I can’t attach here – if you send me your email I can attach a flyer
    TEL: 604-947-0640

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