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Eastside Culture Crawl

The Eastside Culture Crawl takes place this weekend & I’m thrilled to be part of it for the first time. Artists all over East Van open their studios for 3 days so the public can get a peek at their working life, view art, works in progress & often get great deals by purchasing directly from the artist. Galleries typically take a 50% commission on work sold, so a lot of artists count on this weekend to help offset their studio costs. Plus it’s just super fun! A gallery exhibition has a much more formal air than a studio visit, where even the best clean up job is just not going to hide those stashes of years worth of art supplies.

My studio space is in the BIG building – 1000 Parker Street. There are 139 artists in my building alone, so you could literally spend all 3 days traversing the labyrinth that is Parker Street & not see everything. I do hope you’ll track me down, however! (google maps link)

My studio is #204 – second floor, right at the top of the stairs – & is shared with 5 other artists. There’s another painter, a print maker, a shoe maker and a jeweler  all participating in the Crawl. Come by & say hello!

Check out the other artists in 1000 Parker Street.


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