Drift Down Main St.

If you’re in Vancouver, BC today, come join me on Main Street for the Drift arts & culture festival.  Tons of shops, cafes & galleries are participating all along Main, plus several artists are opening up their studios for tours and workshops.  There’s going to be art demonstrations, live music, tons of activities for kids – fun!

My job as a volunteer will be walking around talking to people, handing out flyers, generally getting the word out.  For someone who tends to be fairly shy and feels far more comfortable hiding behind her computer than talking to strangers, this is going to be quite the growing experience!  It’ll be good to get me out of my shell and interacting more with the local art community rather than just online.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain on me!

From the Drift website:

The Drift Art on Main Street will celebrate local art & culture October 3-5 all along Vancouver’s trendy Main Street. 62 local shops, most of them independent cafes, restaurants, galleries, and fashion and design shops will be hosting a local artist October 1-15. Thirty-five artists will also open their studios to the public Oct. 4 & 5 only, for the two-day self-guided walking tour.

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