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Dog Days of Spring

spring flowers

I’m loving life today. The flowers are blooming, the sun is out & it’s warm enough that even when it rains it’s that misty beautiful sort of rain that makes everything smell fresh and green. The smell of wet woods and damp leaves underfoot is a powerful one for me, conjuring up wonderful memories of spending time walking in the woods with my mom and building tree forts with my neighborhood girlfriends. We’d spend all summer building a fort and then pretty much abandon it for the long winter months. Once the snow melted, it was always an adventure to try to find the fort again. Was it still there? Did we remember where it was? Once the leafy green trees filled in, the fort was impossible to find – which was exactly the point, of course!

The pug & his pig
The puppies would’ve loved spending time with me as a kid. These days? Too much painting and working at my desk, not nearly enough fort-building. The pug did get a chance to take his favorite pig out for a spring time stroll though. He was so good too. Brought the pig to the backyard, ran around for a bit and remembered to bring him back inside too.

And yes, I realize that pig is looking a little worse for wear. He’s been a long time favorite toy of the pug’s and has been stitched back up a couple of times. Funny how the $2 toys end up being more popular than the expensive dog store toys, isn’t it?

The White Dog Hates Cameras

One of the things I love about Vancouver is how everybody takes advantage of the sunny days & gets their butts outside. Bikers, rollerbladers, people playing tennis, soccer, kayaking…you name it. People flock to the sea wall & people with dogs flock to the leash-free parks & beaches. The White Dog loathes cameras, so this was a sneak attack shot. See how she’s veering from the path? She veered way off it immediately after this. So cute in her little slicker I couldn’t resist, despite the fact I knew she’d skulk away as soon as she spied the camera in my hands.

Just one of those strange neuroses that makes you wonder what her story is! We adopted her from the SPCA when she was around 4 years. She’d been living on the street for a while and was all skin & bones, but after having a vet check her out they could see that someone had obviously owned her and taken good care of her at one point; she’d already been spayed and had some dental work done. I’ll always wonder what happened to her original owner (& if he was killed in some kind of crazy papparazzi incident).

Have a great weekend! And if you’re a local Vancouverite, come visit me at the Foux de Fu Fu on Saturday!

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