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Yay! After several requests, I finally got a new batch of Scrabble tile pendants made and was sure to include a few Beegirls. They’re deceptively simple looking, these pendants and their persnickety nature is exactly why I haven’t exactly hopped to making a new batch. It takes several layers of sealant, then glue, then resin plus sanding & a different glue for the bails…then going around the edges again to make super duper sure they’re not going to lift. Fighting dust & bubbles & fingerprints brings it to a whole ‘nother level of anal.

That being said, when they turn out this cute? So totally worth it.

scrabble tile pendant

How freakin’ cute is Murray as a pendant?!! I wasn’t sure if the white background would work for the pendants so I’m totally thrilled to see that yes, yes white totally does. I can’t look at Murray without doing a little squealy happy dance.

Now if only I could farm out the making of these pendants to some helper monkeys! Their time-consuming persnickety handmade nature + low cost = no profit margin. Probably not the best business or artistic use of my time, but they’re so sweet & I really love the idea of people being able to wear my art out in the world. You just can’t keep a Bee girl cooped up! Nor a Murray (whatever a Murray is exactly).

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