Countdown to Christmas (Markets, That Is!)

Kristyl Brownlee in the studio

I’m taking a break from my dates at Granville Island so that Cagey Bee Headquarters can swing into full production mode as we get ready for the holiday craft fairs & Christmas markets. I’ve been making new lockets, my mister (a.k.a. Cagey Beard) has a table full of wood blocks to sand & I’m crossing off the days until the first show of the winter season – which is also the biggest – Circle Craft.

Must. Not. Panic.

(Obviously it helps to have a squirrel oversee the production process.)



Circle Craft ~ 2014 Christmas Market

Tuesday, November 11
Wednesday, November 12
Thursday, November 13
Friday, November 14
Saturday, November 15
Sunday, November 16

Tuesday – Friday 10am – 9pm
Saturday 10am – 7pmSunday 10am – 5pm

Vancouver Convention Centre West
1055 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC  V6C 0C3


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With less than 2 weeks to go, I’m nervously trying to keep moving forward, getting things done & preparing myself to accept that I probably won’t get every single thing finished. Every year I have grand plans of completely redesigning my booth, updating my website, painting a new series of paintings, launching a few new products AND making sure I also stay on top of the appropriate press releases & manage a social media campaign.

Bahahaha! I hear you laughing at me. Without a team of people working with me, that’s just not possible. In my heart, I know this. But me & coffee will do my very best! I can sleep in January, right? Maybe on a beach, somewhere warm? Ahhhhh! 🙂

Vancouver locals – click here to see the rest of my market events for the season.

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