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I had such a good time out on the island that I kind of wish we didn’t have to come home! It’s so quiet out there & the have this ^^^ amazing view. We climbed down every morning to dig around on the rocks & in the tide pools, which I always do when I’m out visiting my folks, but this time of year is sooo different than it’s been all winter. There were so many crabs of all shapes & sizes (some quite tasty looking ones, I might add), tons of brightly colored starfish, more boring colored fish and I got a little scare when I almost stepped on a snake laying on a rock in the sun. It wasn’t a sea snake, just a regular garter snake (I think), but it was a shock for city folk like me!

I’m back at home now & trying to get into the swing of things, but it’s tough. The summer heat has finally been switched on & the only thing I seem to be accomplishing are the things I absolutely MUST do, like clean up & do laundry before a houseguest arrives (Hi Kevin!) and do my homework for art class. I’m actually kind of surprised that my classes have been so well attended, considering it is sweltering outside & days like these should absolutely be spent at the beach, not in a darkened room with the shades drawn so we can watch video clips. Which reminds me…next year? Sign up for painting classes in the summer, which often get moved outside in good weather, and save the art history classes for winter!

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