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Boxes Boxes Everywhere

The move is going at a glacial pace, but before I make yet another trip to the old house (measuring tape in hand), I wanted to drop in to say that I’m alive! I’ve actually been having a fabulous time since my girlfriend, Paula, had planned a trip out to visit us long before we knew we’d be moving smack dab in the middle of it. So we took a break, took some time on the patio & got to play tourist in our own city (one of my favorite activities).

kgb and paula

I’ve got lots of great photos to share, but I’m forcing myself to finish getting my desk set up first (I’m typing this seated on the floor in my new bedroom). The plan is to ditch my old desk & do some Ikea hacking with a long curvy tabletop & shelving underneath for support. I’ve been nerding out with the graph paper & my little cut outs again trying to determine which shelf will work best for providing enough storage while still giving me leg room. And as much as I hate mass produced Ikea crap, they really are good eggs when it comes to sturdy shelving that looks decent. So. Off I go!

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  1. So happy your moving is going so smoothly! 🙂 I adore ikea items altho they produce so much of it. Have a lovely and a great time with your lovely friend! Love to you!

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