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I woke up this morning, made coffee & then got to sit down & check my email & read blogs. Heaven! It’s so nice to get back to my usual routine after weeks of moving.  If/when I have to move again, I’ll definitely hire movers & do it in one big shot instead of the smaller loads over the course of weeks like we did this time. It worked well since we had so many visitors while we were transitioning to the new house; there was never a moment when the new place was covered in boxes (like it is now). But for me to pack orders? Total nightmare. I’d get a print ready, find the new eco-friendly biodegradable bags, but no envelope. The sturdy envelopes were still back at the old place. My stamps are here & my tissue paper, but no ribbon. *sigh*

Now that every single last thing is moved out of the old place, the cupboards are scrubbed, the floors mopped & the walls patched, I’m excited to get started on organizing my new pad. Tops on the list is a better system for shipping orders, especially as Christmas approaches. We have a little less closet space now, so I anticipate some major wardrobe battles between me & the mister, but with the help of my favorite home blogs, I’m sure I’ll figure something out. Something cute would be even better!

Home blog round-up:

  • Making It Lovely – watching Nicole transform her house has been an awesomely fun read. I love her style, love the way she shares her ideas & options (even the rejects) & wish I had her budget. Ah, but it’s fun to dream!
  • Apartment Therapy – also usually in the dream category, but inspirational nonetheless.
  • Unclutterer – I always find good tips here & have several bookmarked.
  • Ikea Hacker – as much as I would love to only buy vintage furniture or beautifully handcrafted pieces that are not mass-produced, sometimes you have to hand it to those crafty Swedes, especially when it comes to organizational stuff. Love this shelf hack. This hotel-style bed nook also makes me happy.

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