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Beating the Heat

Vancouver officially broke a record yesterday for hottest day in recorded history, as did much of BC. I know 34 C doesn’t sound that hot (93 F), especially if you’ve ever been to Nevada in the summer (ugh…I have), but us wet coasters are not built for this kind of heat day after day. The nice thing about being right by the water is that it usually stays pretty cool. These kinds of crazy temperatures PLUS humidity? Make me want to lay down. Preferably in a cool pool of water. While drinking a slurpee.

krispy kreme iced coffee

But since I still have to get work done & can’t slurp my way into a sugar coma, the mister & I made tracks out to the one & only Krispy Kreme in the lower mainland (all the way out in Delta, in case you were wondering) & got ourselves some iced coffees. They had some kind of crazy deal on where if you bought something else (like, say, a donut!) you got the iced bevvies for mere pennies. I think the large iced coffees were 25 cents. Almost worth the gas to haul our butts out there!

krispy kreme

After not tasting the ridiculously yummy, possibly crack-laced Krispy Kremes for over a year, we couldn’t resist buying a full dozen. We popped the box in the trunk of the car to heat up as we drove home & made pit stops along the way for soft, trunk-warmed tastiness.

Yup, that’s how we roll.

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