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Thank you for all the well wishes on my Etsy anniversary! I’m absolutely tickled to see so many lovely comments & I’ll definitely be checking out the book & movie recommendations (I did see The Informant the other night & quite enjoyed a balding, dorky Matt Damon). I’m going to run the contest until the end of the week, so you still have plenty of time to leave a comment & enter. In the meantime, I have some recommendations of my own after touring some of the open studios during the big Drift open house last weekend.

After drooling over some of the bigger original pieces that were out of my budget, I snapped up this little guy from Rebecca Chaperon:


Her work is similar to mine in that she frequently paints girls who bear a strong resemblance to herself, but it was her little fellows who stole my heart. I haven’t decided where I’m going to put him yet. Living room where everyone will see it? Or keep it to myself in my studio space? Hrm…

I also bought a tiny original from Brandy Masch. Again, the big ones? To die for. So beautifully detailed & so totally unlike anything I do that I really really want one. But for now, a teeny 3″ x 4″ will do just fine.


My camera died just as I was swinging by my own location at the Drift, the Beehive Hair Lounge, so I didn’t get to snap many pics, but I did manage to get one of the Beehive Girl looking fab in front of their amazing black and white patterned wallpaper. Love it! If you’re a Vancouver local, my paintings will be up until October 15th, so hop on over!


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